Glass shower doors add a sleek and modern look to any bathroom. But what do you when one of the glass pieces break, or the entire door shatters? This can be an upsetting event, but it’s a problem that can be fixed. There are options for fixing single glass doors or the entire enclosure.

What to Do If Your Glass Shower Door Breaks

If you have a broken glass door in your shower, then your number one priority is to clean up the glass if you can do this safely. Make sure to cover your hands and feet first, and discard the glass pieces in a heavy-duty trash can.

What Can Cause Glass in Shower Doors to Break?

When your shower needs glass repair or replacement, call our trained professionals to help. If your bathroom shower is older, the glass may just be suffering from the stress of wear and tear. It’s possible that a part of the glass surface was damaged, causing the rest of the glass panel to lose its integrity.
If your shower doors were more recently installed, then we’ll take a look at the construction material surrounding the glass, and how it was placed. It’s possible that either the construction or installation was done improperly, thus causing the glass to crack and eventually break. In some cases, the entire glass enclosure may need to be replaced due to safety issues.

Fast and Easy Shower Door Glass Repair

The good news is that shower glass replacement and glass door repairs can be done quickly and efficiently. You can rely on our trained glass technicians to give you the complete information you need to help make a decision about whether to repair or replace the glass. In some cases, the glass can be repaired safely, if you’re not ready to replace the shower entirely.

Glass replacement might be your best option when it comes to maintaining a functioning glass enclosure. We may be able to order a replacement door from the manufacturer and simply re-install the door. We can replace glass pieces within the frame too by ordering a custom-fitted piece of glass. We will restore the beauty, safety and usability of your glass shower doors in no time.

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